Why We Race

The Race Against Kids' Cancer is in its 10th year of partnership between Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing and The Morgan Adams Foundation, which has raised over $1,200,000 for pediatric cancer research! RMVR wanted to do something for its community and found a natural partner in MAF, an organization that has long had other car-centric events and is well known in the Rocky Mountain region's auto enthusiast community. The Race Against Kids' Cancer benefits The Morgan Adams Foundation, an organization that raises money and awareness on behalf of children with cancer. Working with leading physicians and researchers, The Morgan Adams Foundation funds pediatric cancer research and therapies that will improve the survival rates and reduce the devastating side effects cancer treatments have on kids’ and young adults. RMVR looks forward to hosting the RAKC event each year. This particular race has been the RMVR's largest race of the year and is currently the most exciting. You don't have to be a race car driver to see what all the racing fun is about! The Race Against Kids' Cancer has something for every spectator.

So you can come for the racing, or come for the Saturday evening party or maybe even the band; come for the excitement and friends you'll see and make there, but be sure to come on August 1-2, 2020! You'll be glad you did and even happier to know that you're helping sick kids and their families find some hope. This is a free event.

Our Goal for 2020 is $225,000.00

You can help fundraise for The Morgan Adams Foundation once you register. Or, just make a donation. THANK YOU for your support!

High Plains Raceway

93301 U.S. 36, Deer Trail, CO 80105

Meet the 2020 Top Fundraisers!  Read the amazing profiles of some of our greatest supporters and why they race for kids’ with cancer!

  • Friends & Family of MAF

    Friends & Family of MAF

    $41,251.30 raised ( 138 % )

  • Jamie Stiehr

    Jamie Stiehr

    $14,740.20 raised ( 43 % )

  • Kirk Peterson

    Kirk Peterson

    $8,973.46 raised ( 90 % )

  • Jamey Schuler

    $4,840.30 raised ( 194 % )

  • Scott Stekr

    Scott Stekr

    $3,823.85 raised ( 239 % )

  • Bonnie  Reah Mortimer

    Bonnie Reah Mortimer

    $3,800.00 raised ( 190 % )

  • Graham  Larry Nessel

    Graham Larry Nessel

    $3,636.55 raised ( 73 % )

  • Frank Albert

    Frank Albert

    $3,215.18 raised ( 33 % )

  • Steve Mercer

    Steve Mercer

    $3,090.30 raised ( 18 % )

  • Patrick Hogan

    $3,000.00 raised ( 28 % )