Meet RMVR driver Jack Penley

Jack Penley has been racing against kids' cancer for a few years now, but racing in general for over a decade. In the following profile, Jack shares why he races for RMVR and Race Against Kids' Cancer, what he drives on a daily basis and his scariest racing story.

Run group: Formula Vee

How long have you been racing? I've been racing 4 years with RMVR, and 11 years on and off with Rally Navigator.

Why do you race for RMVR? I like the low key competition. There aren't sponsors or trophies or prize money to ruin the fun. Also, it's a pretty tight knit family we have. Especially in the Formula Vee group.

Why Formula Vee? The cars are very closely matched, so it's all about driver skill, or bravery, or stupidity really.

Favorite track: Pueblo Motorsports Park because it's like a roller coaster. My fastest time is 1:50.

Other cars: My own car is merely a pile of parts in the middle of my garage. My very generous friend Gary Gray lets me drive his.

Scariest racing story: Navigating a rally car, I've got a few. There was the time we rolled a car 3-5 times, I don't know how many. Then there was the time we lost a wheel, broke the steering column, and blew a brake line. Not at the same time, but during the same race - all while driving on a dirt road! That race was miserable. One time, the steering wheel came off the Formula Vee while exiting the corkscrew at High Plains Raceway. That was a little disconcerting. Our last RMVR race, the steering box broke moments after a race. If it had happened two minutes earlier, myself or somebody else could have been seriously hurt. I've got others, but those are the scariest.

Bucket list track(s): Nurburgring, Leguna Seca, Circuit of the Americas.

Daily driver: 2009 Hyundai Accent - possibly the worst car available on the American market.

Racing hero: Sir Sterling Moss who won the 1955 Mille Miglia and Sebastien Loeb, 9-time winner of the World Rally Championship.

Why do you support the Race Against Kids' Cancer? I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in August 2015. I won my first race with RMVR that September. I was about to start chemotherapy, and as I was pulling into the pits I thought, "well, this might be my last race ever."