Meet RMVR driver Bonnie Mortimer

Longtime RMVR member and driver Bonnie Mortimer races Formula Vee, a class that was based off of a pre-1963 Volkswagon Beetle. Bonnie loves to go fast and has a special place in her heart for helping kids with cancer. 

Bonnie Mortimer

Run Group: Formula Vee

How long have you been racing? I have been racing for 45 years.

Why do you race for RMVR?  I?ve been a part of RMVR since its inception.  It's a great group of people who share my passion for cars.

Why Formula Vee? I've been racing Formula Vees since 1979.  That was before RMVR had its beginnings. I just sort of stuck with that.

What's your favorite track and why? My favorite Colorado track was Second Creek Raceways. You could run it clockwise or counterclockwise. 

Fastest time at that track? I have no idea of my fastest time as it closed over 10 years ago.    

Do you have other cars?  I have another more modern Formula Vee. It is a VDF.

What's your scariest racing story? Racing really isn't scary, it's just fun!

What's your bucket list track?  I really don't have a current bucket list track.  I would love to drive Continental Divide Raceways again in my Vee. I drove production cars there.

What's your daily driver? In the winter I drive an Audi, and in the summer I drive a Porsche Boxter.

Who is your racing hero and why? I really liked Ayrton Senna. He was so incredibly smooth and quick.

Why do you support the Race Against Kids? Cancer? When RMVR was searching for a charity and a cause, I met Joan. After hearing her story and her mission, I was sold on The Morgan Adams Foundation. Cancer is a horrid disease. The sheer strength of the kiddos that are touched and their families is remarkable.  We need to find a cure so that these young ones can live a full life!

Do you have a personal connection to pediatric cancer (or cancer generally)?  As a teacher, one of my students developed cancer when he was in the fifth grade.  During his treatment, he told his mom that he was concerned returning to school after the summer break.  He did not look well and was afraid his peers would give him a hard time.  He wanted me as his teacher so consequently, I taught sixth grade the following year. He is one of the fortunate ones and is now in his forties.  Getting to know The Morgan Adams Foundation ambassadors and their families has touched my heart. NO MORE CANCER!

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