Meet RMVR driver Frank Albert

RMVR driver Frank Albert realized a boyhood dream of racing a historic sports car thanks to his wife who encouraged him to go for it. Frank loves racing his bright red 1967 MGB GT every year at the Race Against Kids' Cancer and it's hard to miss his friendly smile!   

Name: Frank Albert

Run Group: Small Bore  

How long have you been racing? I've been racing since 2011. I raced in the very first Race Against Kids' Cancer (RAKC) and was awarded my full license. That's one of the reasons why RAKC is near and dear to my heart.

Why do you race for RMVR?  In 2011, my fiancée Jennifer and I were discussing goals for the year ahead and the conversation turned to our bucket lists. I must have been mumbling to which she asked "what did you just say?" and I replied, I have always wanted to race a historic sports car. Fast forward seven months and there I was on the starting grid of the very first Race Against Kids Cancer in my very own race car. After all the time dreaming, I was in a race club and driving my own race car, and making a difference for kids suffering with cancer. By the way, my then-fiancée Jennifer is now my wife!

Why did you pick your run group? Affordability.

What's your favorite track and why? High Plains Raceway is where I have spent the most time and I love it.

Fastest time at that track? In this car my fastest time is 2:30.8

Do you have other cars? Yes, but I'm not racing any of them yet.

What's your scariest racing story? I really don't have one. I'm seriously into safety and if I see someone not being safe on the  track I get away from them. My most entertaining story for everyone but me, is my first of three years chairing the RAKC in 2015. I had so much to do and was a bit flustered at the beginning of the day that I forgot to check my hood pins.  They weren't fastened, and at the end of the first warm up lap of practice I hit the gas a bit and the hood flew up and wrapped itself around the windshield of my car right in front of the main stands. I had to sit there by turn one until the end of the session for all to see! I thought to myself, as Race Chair, one should provide entertainment, right?

What's your bucket list track? Sarthe or Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

What's your daily driver? 2013 Jaguar XF 3.0 Supercharged AWD

Who is your racing hero and why? Many, but I'll go with Ayrton Senna for his skill and focus, and dedication to safety in the sport.

Why do you support the Race Against Kids' Cancer? It was my very first race, and I have a fundraising background so I did really well which helped me get wide acceptance in the club.  In fact, between 2011 and 2016 it was the only race I participated in those years for financial reasons.

Do you have a personal connection to pediatric cancer? I do not.