Meet Eli

He attends preschool by day, but dons a cape at night as a superhero cancer fighter! 

Meet Eli, one of our brave 2019 RAKC ambassadors. We are so proud of this young boy’s tenacity and we’re rooting him on every day.

Hometown: Aurora, CO 

Birthday: 6/19/2015 

Occupation: A super hero 

Diagnosis: Pilocytic astrocytoma with FGFR1-TACC1 fusion 

Diagnosis Date: 4/19/2017 

Accomplishments: Went downhill skiing, loves going to preschool, enjoys putting puzzles together, playing soccer, and is a dancing machine. 

Pit Crew: Mom, Dad, Gregory, and Aubrey 

Special Thanks: Eli’s amazing ‘village’ who is cheering him on to succeed every day; and to his medical team at Children’s Hospital Colorado for their continued efforts to find a cure for our son. 

In 5 years I hope to: Be a scout like my brother, ski with my brother and sister, and to go to the beach.

Who do you admire? Dr. Nick Foreman