We are very excited to be driving in this event.   RMVR is hosting its 8th annual Race Against Kids’ Cancer to once again raise money for The Morgan Adams Foundation.  This year’s event is “GOING BIG” to mark several significant milestones for our racing club and community: 

·       RMVR will have donated more than $1 million (cumulatively) to fund pediatric cancer research…a huge accomplishment for our club!

·      We raised an amazing $191,000 last year.  This year we are stepping up our fundraising goal to $200,000!

·        This year’s event will include an exciting ProAm race, with 10 professional drivers (like Robby Unser and Randy Pobst) racing alongside RMVR amateurs to help us amp up our fundraising and meet our club’s goal!   Come out and watch!

Thank you so much!

Bob & Diane